VMWare Solutions from Transformyx

VMWare Solutions from Transformyx

Rely on the world’s most trusted solutions for Business Infrastructure Virtualization. Businesses of all sizes gain significant improvements in efficiency, management, and agility with VMware virtualization. Only VMware solutions address the needs of the world’s most demanding IT environments as well as the needs of smaller IT groups.

VMWare Disaster Recovery. Traditional disaster recovery solutions are often costly and complex—and can’t meet your recovery objectives even after doubling hardware (and cost) for protected applications. Testing them can be a nightmare because the steps are tedious and the documentation is hard to keep up to date. Likewise, keeping two sets of hardware in sync is nearly impossible. Even if you haven’t virtualized all production servers, virtualize target servers for your data recovery to allow greater simplicity, reliability, and cost savings.

VMWare Desktop Solutions. Deliver desktops from the datacenter as a secure managed service. Increase efficiency, reliability, and availability . Virtual desktops and applications create a more flexible business infrastructure so you can quickly respond to changing business needs. See faster deployments, less help desk calls and improved business continuity. Costs will go down and service levels will go up.

VMWare Server Consolidation. Don’t let server sprawl and platform dependencies prevent your organization from achieving its goals. Take control of your IT infrastructure with VMware vSphere. Cut capital and operating costs while increasing IT service delivery without being locked into limited choices of operating systems, applications, and hardware.

Windows 7 & 8 Migration. Windows 7 & 8 will impose many challenges to organizations having to migrate to this new operating system. Ensure application compatibility of your mission critical desktop applications using VMware ThinApp to virtualize applications. Then centralize and simplify desktop management using VMware View and virtualize your complete desktop environment.

Business Continuity. While disasters and unplanned downtime get the big headlines, planned downtime for hardware maintenance and backups is the cause of most service interruptions. VMware’s server, desktop and application virtualization products let you eliminate planned downtime, ensure data protection, deliver high availability and be better prepared for disaster recovery.

Virtualizing Enterprise Applications. Run your business-critical applications, including Exchange, SQL, SAP, and Oracle, on VMware vSphere with breakthrough performance and outstanding reliability. Consolidate all your x86 servers and minimize infrastructure costs while building a flexible cloud computing infrastructure delivering business-critical applications as dynamic, cost-efficient, and reliable IT services. Accelerate application delivery with on-demand provisioning, automated release cycles and streamlined testing and troubleshooting.