Transformyx Hosted PBX


At the rate technology changes, businesses can expect a hardware life of 1 to 2 years. This is where the Transformyx Cloud Hosted PBX makes business sense. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars on hardware and maintenance, switch to a Cloud Hosted PBX! Enjoy the latest features in the industry. Let your phone system easily grow with your company instead of wasting money and time into costly upgrades. We offer our Cloud Hosted PBX on a per extension pricing model. When you add employees, our system effortlessly scales to meet the growth. All support and troubleshooting is included with the service. We can use your phones if they are a supported model (most are) or we can provide you a new phone for a small monthly fee.

Transformyx Hosted PBX We have partnered with 3CX, a leader in IP telecommunications innovation, to offer companies cost friendly packages packed with tremendous features and value. If you’re ready to experience the cutting edge features of the Transformyx Cloud Based PBX, contact us today!

Per person cost beginning at $24.95/month!

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A few companies using 3CX

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    Easy to install. Easy to manage. Works with most IP phones!
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    Cut your phone bill!
    Save over the traditional PBX.
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    Hosted on the cloud – There are no servers to buy or maintain.
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    Portable and Mobile. Access your phone from anywhere!