Management Team


    Claude Bethea

    Claude Bethea, Founder of Transformyx

    A Louisiana native and graduate of Acadiana High School, Claude continues his education at Louisiana State University, studying Quantitative Business Analysis. At a young age, Claude was exposed to the idea of structure. With his father and grandfather as engineers, the love for the mechanical came naturally to Claude.

    Claude was first introduced to the world of technology through an Atari Game Console.

    “When I was 10 or 11, the Atari hooked up to your TV which was a pretty big deal.”

    Years later, Claude programmed his first computer, a Commodore VIC-20. Once he got the hang of programming his own computers, he began programming Commodore 64’s for others. By the age of 14, Claude had made a business out of programming. Once in college, Claude worked for Food Services at LSU.

    “One of the cafeterias received these crates of IBM XT’s and they sat there, unused, for over a week. So I asked what they were doing with them and they weren’t using them because no one knew how to program the computers. So I offered to help and became a part of LSU’s IT team, working specifically for Food Services.”

    A year later, Claude founded Applied Data Management Services (ADMS), his first company. Claude rebranded and changed the name of the company to RockHopper Systems in 1991. RockHopper Systems became the #1 provider of Electronic Medical Claims processing software by 1992 and was eventually sold to Encore & Associates in 1999.

    In 1994, Claude founded Explore Baton Rouge, the first city search on the web. In 1997, Claude changed Explore Baton Rouge into Explore Interactive.

    “The name Explore Baton Rouge gave a limited perception of who we were. Explore Interactive allowed us to branch out and expand our brand.”

    As the company expanded Claude again revised the name to Transformyx, deciding that the company needed a name that could survive the changes in the market over time. After a seven-month journey of rebranding the company, Claude was pleased with the results.

    On top of Transformyx, Claude founded Wellport, a wellness company, in 2004 and later founded Rally Point, LLC, a crisis communication and workforce recovery solution that is still growing to this day.

    When Claude isn’t working, he enjoys playing golf and piano as well as snow skiing and working out through Cross Fit and triathlons. He spend most of his time with his wife of 22 years, his two children, ages 19 and 16, and his Weimaraner named Luke.

    After 30 years in the technology world, Claude is still eager for more.

    “I think the part I like most about this industry is the amount of change I have seen. It keeps me intrigued and I like the anticipation of what is to come. Technology is most interesting in how it is smart enough to interact with us without us knowing it. We have the ability to crowd source information without very little effort.”

    Claude has high hopes for Transformyx and plans to see it become a regional player in the MSP cloud services and integration markets. He plans to have a presence throughout the Gulf Coast, from Houston to Mobile.