SoC as a Service powered by Transformyx


Our Concierge Security Team is a Seamless Extension of Your IT Team.

A security operations center (SOC) is the most essential element of modern security. But SOCs are expensive, complicated, and far beyond the reach of most small to midsize enterprises. Many take the easy route and invest in products, though investment in new security products is no guarantee of security.

Transformyx SOCaaS differs from traditional managed security services. It is a dynamic combination of a world-class Concierge Security Team (CST), advanced machine learning, and comprehensive, up-to-the-minute threat intelligence. Your CST conducts both routine and non-routine tasks to protect you from known and emerging threats.

Concierge Security Team
The Concierge Security Team (CST) is your single point of contact for your service. Your CST serves as your trusted security advisor and an extension of your internal team, and:
• Conducts daily triage and forensics
• Customizes service to your needs
• Provides actionable remediation recommendations

Customized Rule Engine (CRulE)
CRulE provides unlimited flexibility to tailor our services to the specific needs of every customer. It allows the Concierge Security Team to apply your exact security and operational policies and update them as needed to align expeditiously with your changing business needs, including:
• Unlimited security policy customization
• Unlimited rules granularity or generalization
• Unlimited situational rules customization

Hybrid AI
Hybrid AI demonstrably identifies attacks, reduces false positives, and speeds up the time between detection and response. It augments a security team’s expertise with the efficiency and productivity of artificial intelligence.
• 10X better threat detection
• Human intelligence and intuition
• Machine scale and efficiency

Security Optimized Data Architecture (SODA)
SODA unifies the ingestion, parsing, and analysis of network traffic and log data. It provides the foundation for the security analytics that gives our security engineers deep pervasive visibility into your security posture.
• On-demand access to the relevant security data for incident investigation
• Instrumented for cybersecurity data science
• Immediately operational with zero setup time

Benefits of Working with Transformyx for SoC as-a-Service:
  • Concierge Security Team
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Security Incident and Crisis Support
  • Log Retention and Search
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Compliance

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You can use this quick form to request a complimentary discovery meeting, and/or complementary network analysis. This engagement is a complimentary service and will provide you and your team with:

  1. An audit of your Windows Network with stats on Active Directory, Storage, Security, Machine Health and Machine lifecycle.
  2. A complete inventory of Windows-based networked devices.
  3. A complete inventory of core network IP-based devices.
  4. A free Network Vulnerability scan with remediation suggestions.

You get a host of reports and useful information from this engagement to help you make informed decisions and gain a better understanding of your network environment.