IT Security: Areas of Focus


Additional areas of focus are:

Program and Policy Analysis:

Each client’s business and security needs are unique. That’s why we examine your existing system Information Protection Program (IPP), and policies to create custom network analysis and intrusion policies that are specific to your organization.

  • Establish an effective IPP
  • Conduct strategic planning sessions
  • Create policies
  • Conduct Certification and Accreditation (C&A)

Threat Prevention:

Sophisticated security threats can hide in plain sight, infecting email and web traffic. Our advanced threat protection not only blocks malware in real-time but also provides continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, and analysis of malicious behavior. Transformyx protects your users company-wide before, during, and after an attack.

Endpoint Protection:

To be of value, today’s IT security must not only prevent network breaches and block malware at the edge of the network, but it must give you deep insight into executable threats that can easily infect your devices without ever knowing it. Our endpoint protection uses intelligent insights and analysis to spot threats more quickly and instantly eliminate them from desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

Cloud Security:

Our cloud security delivers all-inclusive threat protection, safeguarding your users and their data from the internet to the cloud. Protect email from phishing threats, control the use of specific SaaS applications, and detect threats across the public cloud infrastructure without impacting the end-user.

Next-Generation Firewalls:

Our Transformyx next-generation firewalls identify and eliminate threats at the network’s edge. Not only does it immediately block more threats than standard firewalls, but it also identifies and mitigates those threats that may breach your defenses.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems:

Our Intrusion Prevention System enables you to have deep, real-time insight into the health of your network devices, applications, users, operating systems, files, and more. Embedded security intelligence and automated analysis provide rapid detection, blocking, containment, and remediation of advanced threats.

VPN Security Clients:

The always-on nature of business requires safe and secure, yet simple, endpoint device and network access. Our threat protection for wired/wireless VPN networks and desktops, laptops, tablets and other endpoint clients give your users the protection and ease of use they need to do their jobs with the confidence that they are secure.