Retail & Restaurant solutions powered by Transformyx.


Whether you have a single storefront or thousands, a seamless and exciting customer experience is paramount for any modern day franchise operation.

With a future-proof IT infrastructure, insightful data about customer behavior, and bulletproof security measures, Transformyx technology architects empower retailers to build IT infrastructures for the future. IT administrators, store managers, and marketers, who aim to secure the branch and build enjoyable in-store experiences for guests and employees can take advantage of the expansive Cisco Meraki IT platform and API ecosystem to ensure a unique and unforgettable customer journey.

Retail and Restaurant Chain Solutions

Access points in a restaurant are not only providing Internet access for patrons and POS systems but also tracking valuable data for the business. The Cisco Meraki Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) captures tremendous amounts of customer data. With Cloud4Wi, a Cisco Meraki technology partner, your chain locations can count on Meraki products to create an enhanced guest WiFi experience. Their state-of-the-art solution, Volare, allows your locations to recognize return customers and personalize the WiFi experience to maximize returns.

Using the Meraki location analytics information, Volare pinpoints customer locations in real-time. Perhaps the most advantageous feature is the ability for your marketing teams to count the number of people walking past each restaurant. Volare can determine how many pedestrians are strolling by, or lingering for a few minutes to check out the menu. All without needing visitors to actually connect to the WiFi.

Benefits of Retail, Food/Beverage solutions powered by Transformyx:

  • Full wireless deployment to create seamless WiFi experience for customers
  • Captive portal results in increased engagement and return customers
  • One engineer can centrally manage all wireless APs, switches, and security appliances
  • Standardizing wireless, switching, endpoint management, and security & SD-WAN

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