Microsoft Partner

Microsoft Partner

Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices, and solutions that help people and companies realize their full potential.

Microsoft solutions enable you to work on your terms, anywhere at any time, empowering personal and business productivity, agility, innovation and efficiency.

The Transformyx and Microsoft partnership benefits:


Transformyx and Microsoft help users break loose from their physical locations and device limitations by providing applications and services that enable users to be productive when, where and how they want. The way you work can be as unique as you are.


Transformyx and Microsoft enable developers to dream big and drive innovation by providing a blank canvas on which they can solve problems and help their customers and companies grow. Build. Test. Adapt. Innovate. Scale.

IT Professionals

Transformyx and Microsoft provide IT professionals with cloud and data center solutions that can be customized to their organizations’ individual requirements. IT professionals now have the power to successfully deliver to their users the exact resources they need to do their jobs in the way in which they want to do them, but at the same time protect all of their company’s digital assets.