On Premise Storage Solutions

On Premise Storage Solutions

flash All Flash Storage

Scalability, guaranteed performance, high availability, and efficiency are the makeup of an all-flash storage array. It is the go-to storage platform for enterprises who want to accelerate the speed of business while increasing operational efficiencies at the same time. All-flash arrays simplify storage management and provide convincing data center economics with best-in-class flash density, decreased power consumption, smaller physical footprint, and lower support costs. At the same time, it delivers maximum flexibility, enabling you to move data and applications to where they will be most effective but retain the control you need to provide the highest level of security for your mission-critical data.

hybrid Hybrid Flash Storage

Data protection, availability, speed, and scalability are at the core of a hybrid flash storage system. Hybrid flash arrays are ideal for commercial businesses to large enterprises with dedicated, capacity-intensive, high-bandwidth applications like real-time data analytics, video surveillance, and disk-based data backup that need simple, fast and reliable SAN storage. It is designed specifically for shared, consolidated network environments running SAN and NAS workloads that require enterprise-grade capabilities and a simplified connection to the cloud. This hybrid storage solution is just right for enterprise applications, virtualization, Microsoft solutions, and data backup and recovery needs.

Object Storage Object Storage

Object storage is the perfect solution for the vast quantities of rich content like training videos, high resolution images, customer service recordings and other unstructured data that companies are adding to their ever-expanding document repositories. Enable always-on data availability from geographically dispersed sites while at the same time increasing efficiencies with automated, meta-data driven file management. Multiple deployment options also enable you to create granular data storage and recovery policies, help ensure reliable data protection, and deliver business continuity with confidence.

Converged Storage Converged Storage

Converged storage significantly reduces the time and complexity of application and service deployment across your enterprise, enabling you to easily scale at the speed of business. Repeatable building blocks and the ability to independently provision and scale compute, network and storage, provide the efficiency, flexibility, and time savings needed to gain a competitive advantage. Designed to be the foundation of a hybrid cloud strategy, the converged architecture delivers always-on availability, security, and data migration across the stack and into the cloud.