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CJIS compliance keeps networks on the same page when it comes to data security and encryption, and ensures that sensitive criminal justice intel is locked down.

Each day, criminal justice and law enforcement agencies on the local, state and federal levels access the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) databases for information necessary to catch lawbreakers, perform background checks and track criminal activity. Obviously, it’s important that this data not fall into the wrong hands — while the loss of business intelligence can mean a major financial hit, the security of CJIS data could mean the difference between thwarting a criminal operation and allowing another to occur.

CJIS describes its Security Policy as a minimum set of standards. A local government may adopt it just as it stands, or it may augment the CJIS provisions with more stringent requirements. In either case, the CJIS Security Policy applies to all organizations and individuals that access CJI or support criminal justice services. These include contractors, private organizations and noncriminal justice agencies, along with criminal justice agencies themselves.

Transformyx can assist agencies with meeting and exceeding the standards for the 12 areas of CJIS Security Policy:
  1. Information Exchange Agreements
  2. Security Awareness Training
  3. Incident Response
  4. Auditing and Accountability
  5. Access Control
  6. Identification and Authentication
  7. Configuration Management
  8. Media Protection
  9. Physical Protection
  10. Systems and Communications
  11. Formal Audits
  12. Personnel Security

Benefits of law enforcement/court solutions powered by Transformyx:

  • CJIS Compliance Services
  • Cybersecurity Services
  • Fleet/Asset Tracking & Monitoring Services
  • Data Center, Cloud & Managed IT Services

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