IT Security


IT security

Confidential corporate documents, client records, and your entire network infrastructure are under constant threat of attack from both inside and outside your organization. The best way to protect your business and employees is a solid security strategy that includes far more than just your technology.

Our Transformyx security experts bring together their distinct areas of expertise to safeguard your organization against relevant cyber threats – whether you are in a regulated industry or looking to mitigate and manage risk across your company.

At Transformyx, we take traditional IT security measures to the next level by focusing on four key areas:


We work as an IT partner with our clients to design a technology architecture with security at its core. The security controls we put in place are based on your business’ unique objectives and include an assessment of your specific needs, industry best practices, and the decades of experience and vast knowledge of our team of engineers and other technical professionals.


Our in-depth network and endpoint analysis enables us to uncover potential vulnerabilities and detect and eliminate threats before they reach your operating environment. Should a compromise occur, we can quickly discover the scope of the attack and return to normal operations, often before the threat is known to your users and business associates.


Not only do we protect your business from inbound threats like hacking, phishing, ransomware and other sophisticated cyber-attacks but we also protect sensitive outbound data including personal client records and proprietary corporate files.

Information Assurance:

Being secure doesn’t mean just protecting your team from malware or suspicious emails. At Transformyx, we take a holistic approach to cybersecurity, providing you with the right strategy and tools to identify relevant threats and eliminate vulnerabilities across your employees, processes, technology, and infrastructure. These include stopping threats at the edge of the network with firewall protection, protecting users regardless of device or physical location, preventing the wrong people from accessing your network, having visibility into your business to stop threats from spreading, and discovering, stopping and removing malicious content.

Transformyx comprehensive cybersecurity strategy follows a series of crucial stepping stones:

  • Conduct an Information Protection Program and Policy Review
  • Conduct an Information Security Process Review
  • Perform a Gap and Breach Impact Analysis
  • Implement Security Controls
  • Develop Specialized Policies
  • Implement Systems
  • Create Awareness through Audit
  • Measure with Key Performance and Risk Indicators
  • Manage (e.g., Information Governance)

What makes Transformyx stand out as a leader in IT security?

Our Experience:

We have been designing and implementing managed security solutions for more than 20 years. Over those two decades, our team of security professionals have provided continuous monitoring, management, and maintenance on hundreds of devices across a wide variety of clients, providing them with the confidence and peace of mind that strong security measures are in place and that they can meet compliance regulations with ease.


At Transformyx, we utilize industry-leading technology resources and our extensive expertise and combine them with the individual needs of each client to customize a comprehensive security strategy around the common threads of risk assessment and analysis, risk mitigation, compliance requirements, governance, and industry best practices.