Hosted Virtual Server


You control the amount of resources you use without having to pay for hardware when it’s not needed.

Changes to your dynamic servers can be made at any time without the pains associated with moving from one physical server to another. We firmly believe that our dynamic servers are the most efficient way to run your applications, taking advantage of the latest developments in server and software technology to give you affordable access to an on-demand computing model.

Key benefits of Virtual Servers:

Dynamic servers and the Grid computing model challenge traditional infrastructure deployment methods by allowing companies to take some or all of their infrastructure off-site and benefit from lower TCO, higher performance and full scalability. They offer greater reliability than dedicated servers, which typically have multiple single points of failure, and are often old, legacy hardware, or even PCs recycled and reconfigured to act as a server.

Economical. Avoid paying for resources you don’t need while still retaining the capacity to deal with spikes in demand for the services you offer. The flexibility of this model means you can avoid becoming locked into excessive hardware capacity without compromising your access to computing power.

Fully managed, patched and maintained. Let us manage the patching, management and maintenance of your infrastructure for you. Our skilled and experienced team watch over your services day and night, letting you concentrate on running your business.

Immediately scalable. A true cloud computing model means you can add and remove resources as and when you need them. Using this flexibility, you can avoid both expensive capital expenditure and lengthy tie-ins to leases or other long-term financial obligations. The ‘burstable’ nature of dynamic servers allows your organization to plan for peak periods without having to pay for additional processing power when it’s not needed. This means it’s no longer necessary to over-subscribe to meet peak demand or to cope with unexpected events.

Resilient. A world class server infrastructure without the associated costs. Our full disaster recovery provisioning, combined with a number of options for load-balancing implementations, gives you a real head start in the development of high-availability solutions.

Fast and responsive. We understand that the effectiveness of the dynamic server model very much depends on its responsiveness to the changing needs of our customers. Seamlessly add resources to your infrastructure at the click of a button –truly on-demand IT.