Hosted Virtual Desktop Instances


Hosted desktops offer numerous advantages in terms of cost savings, security, resilience, flexibility and reduced management.

Hosted desktops are beginning to replace the traditional idea that all office staff must have a full PC sitting beneath their desks. Of course, in today’s world businesses need their employees to have access to computers to communicate and to perform all manner of tasks. However, the way in which this can be facilitated is evolving. Buying, setting up and maintaining PCs is an expensive exercise, especially when you factor in the associated management time and costs. Hosted Desktops removes this headache by providing you with a hosted desktop environment, which you can connect to from anywhere via the internet –in the office, at home, or even abroad.

Key benefits:

All you need is a PC, laptop, thin client or mobile device and an internet connection. We do the rest. Because we provide you with a full Windows environment with all the functionality you’d expect, you’d never know you weren’t using a PC. Additional applications can be installed on demand, while we backup, manage and maintain the hosted desktops for you, ensuring they’re available 24 /7.

Economical. Rather than investing in depreciating assets, which require high CapExinitially and then continue to be a drain on your resources, choosing hosted desktops means you no longer have to splash out on PC infrastructure or office applications. Instead, a transparent subscription-per-user model ensures predictable costs and great value for money.

Cut your carbon footprint. Rising energy costs, combined with government-imposed financial penalties on carbon production, make cutting your power consumption a vital consideration. However, as all of your data and applications are stored in our energy-efficient data centers, hosted desktops allow you to make significant savings –accessing them via a thin client means using only 10% of the power a normal PC does.

Add resources on-demand. Scale resources up and down as you need them. Need more RAM or CPU? No problem -just click a button. Our cloud computing infrastructure can deliver resources to you instantly.

Anywhere access. Wherever you are you can connect to YOUR hosted desktop . Our networks allow you secure access from any location you wish, which means that you can join colleagues as if you were in the office.