Energy, oil & gas solutions powered by Transformyx


Transformyx can enable upstream, midstream and downstream companies with technology that enables business outcomes.

In the world of oil and natural gas, engineers, geologists, and drilling and production departments all rely almost exclusively on technology to drive their operations forward.

  • Remote Monitoring. Field assets like generators, tools, heavy equipment, and other moveable assets can be tracked in real-time via GPS/LTE, and provide diagnostic information where applicable. Assets such as fleet vehicles can be monitored and provide engine maintenance, workload monitoring, and driver monitoring.
  • Data Storage. With our owned Tier 3 data center in Baton Rouge and a virtualized data center in Dallas, Texas, we can provide a range of data storage options from archived cold storage to active/passive data storage to replication to Azure.
  • Cybersecurity. Cyber-criminals are only steps away from your critical data, intellectual property and in some cases, a malicious attack on your operational systems. Transformyx assures that all endpoints, end-users and edge devices are secure and constantly monitoring activities for any type of fraudulent access. Coupled with a data loss prevention plan, we can assure that when an attack happens, we can quarantine the threat and get your entire operation back in business within hours, not weeks.
  • Connectivity. Transformyx can enable cost effective solutions for satellite, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G, as well as fiber connected solutions to assure that all of your critical infrastructure and end users are always on and connected to a secure managed network.

Benefits of energy, oil and gas solutions powered by Transformyx:

  • Connectivity options are available on land or sea.
  • Crew entertainment packages available
  • SD-WAN enabled networking via public internet
  • Cybersecurity deployed under NIST guidelines to adhere to all state and federal regulatory compliance.

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