Technology solutions for construction & industrial powered by Transformyx


From the job-site to the home office, Transformyx can secure and enable any type of operation.

Imagine what the job site would be like today without technology. Without power tools, we’d be cutting boards and drilling holes by hand. Without heavy equipment, laborers would be excavating sites and digging trenches with shovels and pickaxes. Without the elevator, buildings would only be a few stories tall. 

Technological advancements have always driven construction forward. Technology has made construction sites safer and workers more efficient. It has allowed us to increase productivity, improve collaboration, and tackle more complex projects.

Benefits of technology solutions powered by Transformyx

  • Connectivity. Whether its satellite, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, 5G, coax or fiber, Transformyx has you covered. We have partnered with over 60+ different carriers to provide a robust set of connectivity solutions to cover almost any need over land and sea.
  • Networking. The internet is the network. With SD-WAN enabled networking solutions, Transformyx can provide a single, secure network for all your sites and end-users, all over the public internet.
  • Security. Cyber-crime is a looming threat in any industry. Transformyx can protect your data and end-users from cyber-threats, and assure that your regulatory compliance is always in order.
  • Fleet/Asset Monitoring. Whether its a fleet of work trucks, generators, cranes, office trailers or other fixed or mobile assets, Transformyx can provide a variety of GPS and Cellular based monitoring solutions to provide everything from basic location services to engine maintenance information and more.
  • Collaboration. Standardizing operating systems, devices, email, voice communications and cloud information sharing are now a very cost-effective possibility with Microsoft Office 365. We can bring the benefits of SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Skype and more all in a secure, connected environment on your Windows 10 powered machines and Microsoft Surface, Android and iOS-powered mobile devices.
  • Mobile Technology. Being able to communicate in real-time ensures that any issues on the job site get resolved quickly and effectively and that every stakeholder can have a say. Integrated solutions that sync in real-time allow different stakeholders to add notes, change drawings and responds to RFIs instantly and then share that information with everyone involved with the project at the same time.



You can use this quick form to request a complimentary discovery meeting, and/or complementary network analysis. This engagement is a complimentary service and will provide you and your team with:

  1. An audit of your Windows Network with stats on Active Directory, Storage, Security, Machine Health and Machine lifecycle.
  2. A complete inventory of Windows-based networked devices.
  3. A complete inventory of core network IP-based devices.
  4. A free Network Vulnerability scan with remediation suggestions.

You get a host of reports and useful information from this engagement to help you make informed decisions and gain a better understanding of your network environment.