Transformyx is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

About Us

Transformyx corporate headquarters and primary data center facility in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In the digital world, we create business outcomes for our customers.

Digital Business Transformation is in our DNA. 

Founded in 1987 as a software development company, Transformyx has grown and adjusted its business model with the needs of its customers and the market space in general. From software to websites, to IT services to owning and operating a Tier 3 data center and serving thousands of SMB and Enterprise customers in the Gulf South Region, digital business transformation is at the heart of what we do. With our team of top tier engineers, we are more than capable of taking our customer's issues and challenges and turning them into their desired business outcomes. 

“We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate technology professionals with the relevant experience to match. Our goal is to create the desired business outcome that solves our customer's issues.”
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Are we ready for digital transformation?

From SMB to Enterprise in the private and public sector, digital transformation is happening. For some companies, digital transformation means a paradigm shift in how they operate while opening multiple avenues for cost reduction and mobility via the cloud. Is your company ready?

What is our Cybersecurity posture?

Phishing, ransomware, malware, hackers. It's a brave new digital world and cyber-crime is a real issue for all businesses. Have you addressed your organization's cybersecurity posture and planning? Do you have a current Information Protection Program or cyber liability insurance? Do you provide quarterly training for your employees to strengthen your cybersecurity posture?

Do we understand SD-WAN?

SD-WAN and SD-Branch have changed the way that we think of site-to-site connected networks. The internet is the network and SD-WAN makes it possible to utilize public internet as a transport mechanism for a secure network environment to connect remote offices, remote employees, equipment, fixed and mobile assets and more.

Do we have options for short/long-term technology cost management?

Understanding of multiple consumption models for hardware/software and the benefits of op-ex driven technology services means that budgeting and planning for IT is not out of reach. Transformyx can provide a plan from which our clients have a 12-24 month roadmap to match their strategic planning with regards to IT purchasing.

Are we working with the right technology partner?

Transformyx has been in business since the dawn of the commercial internet 31 years ago. We have worked with and partnered with all manner of customer type creating business outcomes for their most staunch technology challenges. We have the facilities, we have the talent and we have the passion to create your business outcomes.

Who We Are

In 2010, Transformyx began the execution of a focused growth plan by merging with SimplifyIT bringing small business managed IT services in-house.

In 2012, Transformyx completed a merger with Ascendant Technology Partners, adding human capital and multiple Enterprise IT customers from the private and public sector.

In 2014, Transformyx acquired the Tier 3 data center owned by No Hassle Computing and invested over $4m in facility enhancements and carrier partnerships.

A year later the company opened its virtual data center in partnership with Carrier-1 in Dallas, Texas completing the execution of its 5-year growth plan to become the premier provider of technology and telecommunications services for SMB to Enterprise customers throughout the Gulf South Region.

Our Core Value

We work every day with Integrity, Respect and Persistence.

Our Purpose

We provide solutions for successful secure business outcomes.

Our Leadership

Jim DuBos
Chief Executive Officer

Charles Rougeau
Managing Partner
VP of Sales Engineering

Paul Buteaux
Managing Partner
VP of Sales

Featured in the BR Business Report's Annual Report 2019 for Transformyx


If you are ready for a different outcome to your needs, look no further than Transformyx. We are more than capable of providing everything you need to position your business for growth.
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