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Our Free Technology Assessment includes a visit from Transformyx to look at your Server, Network, Firewall and Wireless to see where the infrastructure weaknesses are. We run a test on your server, give a report on your patching and inform you of your active directory status. If you don’t have a server we will run a report on each machine to see if it is supported, running slow and check the hard drive space.
    Our physical security solutions provide broad network-centric capabilities in:

  • Video surveillance

  • IP cameras

  • Electronic access control

  • Incident response and notifications

  • Paired with Cisco technology, our solutions provide end-to-end support for:

  • Safety and security detection

  • Monitoring and management

  • Threat response

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  Security Assessment
  Wireless Assessment
  Physical Security Assessment
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Transformyx is a locally owned and operated provider of strategic technology and business solutions. Transformyx works with businesses of all sizes, K-12 and higher education systems as well as local and state government organizations. Our clients praise our work, customer service and innovative solutions. For over 20 years, our award-winning company has been committed to excellence and to creating innovative and agile solutions for all of our clients.
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Disclaimer: We are only responsible for the cost of the assessment and you are under no obligation to use Transformyx as your Managed Service Provider if we perform the Free Technology Assessment.