Saving money is the number one reason customers turn to managed services, followed up by freeing up staff to focus on revenue-generating activities, gaining access to the newest technologies and improving security.

Hardware, maintenance, shortages of technical staff for new technologies and compliance mandates make keeping up with technological change incredibly expensive and often out of reach for many customers. Transformyx and our professional and friendly staff can change all of that and give you smoother operating and more secure systems.

Key Benefits:

Reduce TCO “Total Cost of Ownership”
Increases Workforce Productivity
Reduces Downtime
Comply more Easily with Regulatory Standards

Help Desk

Help Desk Support

Help Desk Support and service management improves on the effectiveness of IT operations by implementing industry best practices and standards. Transformyx Managed Services professionals provide Help Desk support based on ITIL principles including support response times, incident resolution, problem resolution, first call resolution and change management controls. Keeping your end users happy and productive is our primary mission freeing your internal IT staff to concentrate on line of business applications and strategy.

Desktops and Servers

Transformyx offers dynamic ways to make managed IT services a reality for your business or organization. Whether you have 5 or 5000 PC’s, 1 to 500 servers, we can craft a custom- built service delivery that’s just right for you. Our managed desktop and server solution covers every aspect of the resource lifecycle from procurement to decommissioning. Our Managed IT services can be used on physical or virtualized computing resources. With our virtual desktop and server solutions your computing resources are physically held within our state of the art data centers and are deployed centrally for on-demand service.

Desktops and Servers
Voice Services

Managed Voice

Transformyx Complete Managed Voice Services is our comprehensive managed service offering for organizations with on premise voice. It provides clients with a single management contact, Application Health and Monitoring for their Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unity Connection, Jabber, Contact Center Express, and Voice Infrastructure.

System and Network Management

The demands of modern networks are increasing exponentially and as our reliance on our systems grow so does the need to minimize and/or eliminate service outages. Transformyx Managed Services provides best practices in the areas of wired and wireless networking, virtual and physical servers, voice systems, desktop management and all facets of security. Combined with our state of the art software Transformyx can deliver unmatched system utilization and efficiency across the entire IT spectrum.

Network Services
IT Security

Managed Security

In today’s complex network environment system security is quickly becoming the most important and critical need for all companies regardless of size. Our managed security service provider service has been modernized to support the dynamic landscape of cyber security. From firewall management to end point protection and incident response and remediation Transformyx has the software and human resources to do it all.

Security – Firewall, Content Filtering, Intrusion Prevention, DNS, Access Control, End Point Protection

Managed Wireless

Transformyx’ team of experienced technical engineers managed tens of thousands of wireless devices daily. Let us take the burden of management off your shoulders with our Transformyx Managed Wireless service. We provide daily monitoring, management, and maintenance of your entire wireless system. In addition, we test, troubleshoot, and provide on and off-site support, freeing you up to focus on your core business.

Managed Wireless

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