Do you own a business and find yourself daunted by the world of social media? Look no further. Transformyx is here to unravel the complex makings of these social networking sites.

The first thing to consider is that each site has something different to offer. When choosing which site you’d like to promote yourself or your business on, it’s important to consider what each site offers and how you can benefit from their resources. Without fully developing a plan for your social networking activity, you could end up searching through the sites and wasting a lot of time.

Even though each of these sites differs greatly from the other, they each contain one common element: the profile. The profile gives visitors and prospective clients a simple, clear image of what you and your company represent.

The user profile of social networking sites is what stands out and allows businesses and individuals to invite an audience to get to know their brand in a way that traditional marketing and advertising doesn’t allow.

You may be asking yourself how you and your company can leverage social media and its large, and still growing population to expand your visibility.

Here are just a few tips that will be the most effective in marketing your brand:

• Develop a social networking strategy by asking the following the questions:
o What am I using this site for?
o Who is my audience?

• Once you’ve answered those questions, answer these:
o Which sites do I want to represent my company on?
o Who is going to manage the page?
o Who do I let have access to the page?
o How do I want to represent my company on the page?

• Now that you have those answers, consider your choice in social networking sites:

o More social sites such as Facebook
o Professional sites such as LinkedIn

Once you’ve chosen your site, you can set up your company’s profile with as much personality as you’d like. Just be careful to keep a professional air as you share the fun, exciting attributes of your company.

Transformyx has a team of experts ready to help you set up your company’s social networking profiles! We have experience with multiple platforms and the ability to customize for your company.

Want some examples? Check us out on Twitter @Transformyx, Facebook @Transformyx, and LinkedIn @ Transformyx Technology Architects.

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